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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  December 28, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good tuesday morning. a live look at reagan national airport where hopefully things will be getting back to normal today after the snow and wind move out of here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's go straight over to tucker to find out about our
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forecast for today. good morning. >> good morning. cold conditions once again. generally a good-looking forecast today as we get into a warming trend. 29 at reagan national. 29 in baltimore. 30 in ocean city and cold spot this morning, hagerstown, 24 degrees. winds out of the north and west at 15 to 20 so it feels a little colder than that. you can see there is not much snow falling out there. with high pressure building in from the west today, we are looking at a good forecast. lots of sunshine around here today. still breezy at times. with temperatures in the upper 30s and plenty of sunshine, it should feel pretty good for you. sunshine, still breezy, 39 degrees your daytime high. a nice warming trend as we get into the holiday weekend here.
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i'll have the details coming up. >> thank you. the winds were howling a heck of a lot yesterday so it will feel better. police found a man on the nutley ramp early yesterday morning. officials think he was assaulted, not hit by a car. a home own are is blaming pepco for not acting quickly enough in a fire. d.c. fire officials say the fire at the home on manning place was electrical and accidental. nobody was hurt. we don't know whether a large volume of calls coming in yesterday may have played a role. joe joseph was arrested for dui. he was taken into custody in loudoun county yesterday morning. he is new to the redskins team. so far the team hasn't
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commented. airport and road crews along the east coast are digging out from inches of snow. before a report. >> reporter: winter weather slamming the northeast with more than 2 feet of snow in some states. from maine to the carolinas frosty flakes and whipping wind making for one giant headache. >> we're in limbo. i'm aggravated. >> reporter: thousands of passengers can only wait as crews work to plow runways and de-ice planes. >> the flight has been canceled but we're hoping to maybe get onto another back to toronto but it doesn't look good. >> reporter: there is hope that frozen airports will slowly begin to move again. >> i haven't seen many employees walking around to let us know what is going on. we are all just not in the know and waiting to see what we can find out. >> reporter: closures in the northeast create a ripple effect in far-away states like california, ohio and florida.
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>> it comes with the territory when you travel at the holiday. >> reporter: many people just trying to remain hopeful. >> it is what it is. it is the holidays and we've had fun. we'll get home somehow. >> it makes it tough for cars. you are best off with a truck right now. >> reporter: but crews are working on it. slowly but surely, they say they will revive east coast roads from this deep freeze. the snow can be awfully fun too. and the snow totals are already rolling in. in elizabeth, new jersey, about 31 inches on the ground. more than 20 inches in new york's central park. >> fun if you don't have to travel in it. amtrak says the northeast corridor continues to be affected by winter storm. service between boston and
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washington will operate on a limited schedule today. stay with us. tucker will give us our forecast. we'll have a look at traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. there you go. it is tuesday morning, december 28th, 2010. a live look our nation's capitol. the camera shaking out there. i'm gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. what about those winds? man, were they howling yesterday? >> 55-mile an hour winds yesterday. it should feel better today. more sunshine today and temperatures approaching 40. >> sounds good. >> let's get to the numbers.
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right now, 29 degrees at reagan national. area-wide here we're below freezing. humidity, 43%. winds are out of the west. let's take a look at our satellite-radar together and, as you can see, conditions nice and quiet. our storm system from yesterday out of here and lots of stars and if you've got a little snowpack as many of our viewers do off to the east and south, very nice out there. >> it was beautiful. >> our temperatures will start below freezing and we will warp up -- will warm up to the upper 30s. still breezy at times. a gradual improvement here. >> let's check traffic with lauren demarco. >> you have a lot to look forward to on the roads as well. very light volume at this early hour. we did have a wreck westbound
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66 at nutley street. that has cleared out so no problems there. let's take a live look at the cameras in montgomery county. no problems here getting past falls road. beltway looks good in maryland. in virginia, inner loop ramp to eisenhower avenue does remain blocked with construction. that will be reopening by 5:00 a.m. we it take a look at # 95 there. 95 also running well between fredericksburg and springfield in both directions. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. over to you. >> thank you. the airports across the northeast are finally open but widespread delays and cancellations continue. thousands of passengers are still stuck hoping to catch a flight sometime in the next day or so. flights headed up north were canceled. passengers are trying to make the best of it. >> it has been disappointing
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now ai'm here at the airport and i see that my flight to detroit has been canceled. >> we had a flight going out this evening which we were pretty sure would be canceled so this morning, we changed the ticket to one that would leave at 1:00. we pull in the parking lot and that one has been canceled. >> amtrak says the northeast corridor continues to be affected by that winter storm. service between boston and washington will operate on a limited schedule today. h ere also list of trains that have been canceled today. virginia state police found a man close to death along i- 66. they say the 20-year-old man was dumbed on the northbound
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ramp from nutley street early yesterday morning. he is in critical condition. investigators think he was assaulted, not hit by a car. they are asking anybody who may have some information about this to give them a call. fire riskers in the district are blaming careless smoking for a fire that killed a woman that. blaze broke out at 17th and f streets northwest yesterday. firefighters had trouble getting into the second floor apartment because it was so cluttered. they found a woman inside and took her to the hospital but she didn't make it. a man whose house went up in flames in northwest d.c. is now taking aim at pepco. the home owner is accusing the power tum company of ignoring calls for help for several hours. the man says he was trying to report a downed wire which may have sparked that fire. bob barnard has details. >> reporter: the how was not destroyed but damaged enough that lou and his family are moving out for the time being. >> we are sealing it up and will start rebuilding as soon as it can. >> it was a smoky, smoldering
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type deal. >> reporter: an electrical fire according to d.c. fire officials that may have been caused by a downed wire sparking flames outside the house at manning place and macarthur boulevard, first spotted around 10:00 a.m. after the power went out inside the house. lou says he called pepco and the fire department. only the firefighters showed up. >> the bushes were catching on fire. these wires were catching on fire. there was a car over there that almost caught on fire. they called pep owe and told them it was an emergency and they still didn't come. >> reporter: lou says almost four hours later when a pepco crew did arrive, he noticed smoke inside the house and again called 911. >> high house burned down because of pepco. that is what i think. >> when this guy says it is pepco's fault that his house caught fire, what do you say to that. >> that is a harsh statement to say which is why we'll get all the facts. once we get the facts, then the home owner and the public will have all the answers.
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>> reporter: pepco's clay anderson says he is not sure why it took crews four hours to get there. >> i would like to help them out with the time line. we all stood out here for hours waiting for them to come. >> reporter: what we know right now, both d.c. fire and etch ms are currently investigating the situation. also, pepco is involve in an investigation and once we have more information, we'll be able to present that information once we have it. as of now, it is still an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: relatives visiting from central florida will spend the rest of their vacation in a hotel. >> nobody was hurt. the firemen were great. they are athe only ones who get the good marks. >> pepco told fox 5 crews that its crews were extremely busy responding to weather-related calls for service. a special memorial to honor
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a fairfax county teenager killed six months ago. fends and friends and family gathered to remember vanessa pham. she was murdered on june 27th. the case remains unsolved. an armored truck robbery in maryland is under investigate this morning t happened about 12:45 yesterday in ellicott city. police say a carrier had just picked up a deposit from the giant grocery store and was headed back to the truck when he was robbed. the suspect got away with the deposit. a redskins player is in trouble with the law. joe joseph was arrested for driving under the influence. he was taken into custody yesterday morning hours after the team returned home from jacksonville. he joined the practice squad just 11 days ago and was promoted to the active roster forson's game. the bodies of a newly engaged couple have turned up
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just a few days after they turned up missing. more on this tragic story straight ahead. you know that, when you go to the airport, you will be x- rayed. but when it comes to protecting you, cargo is still a weak point. 
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the travel mess continues. as cities along the northeast try to dig out from the snowstorm. some areas saw more than a foot of snow. airports in new york, boston and philadelphia are open again this morning but the backlog of passengers from canceled flights could take several days to reschedule. that includes a lot of passengers at local airports. flights were canceled out of reagan national because of the storm leaving many stranded for several days. every piece of cargo on the delayed flights has to be screened. that is according to data provided by the tsa. the agency now says that 100%
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of all cargo on democratic flights is screened. that same screening procedure doesn't apply to cargo coming into the united states. the tsa official told fox that only 70% of cargo on flights into the united states is screened. the move comes after the attempted printer cartridge bombings in october. there are worrying signs on the korean peninsula in the new year. prove indications from the north are expected to increase in 2011. that is a prediction from analysts as tensions grow and the north undergoes a transfer of power. the leader kim jong il is paving the way forries for -- for his young son to take over. just a few days after a couple's engagement, the families are planning their funerals. the couple was found yesterday. the suv they were in had gone off a 200-foot embankment into a ravine. the two were engaged on christmas eve and had gone on
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the off-road excursion christmas day. i.n.s. lip is a medical breakthrough for people suffering with diabetes but there are more to the story about how insulin came about. you don't want to miss a very interesting story about what is considered one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century. still cold and breezy out there. i have all the details on the forecast. lauren demarco is in way live look at your on-time traffic. there is a look at traffic at the american legion bridge. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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we are back now at 4:44. this is video out of new york city where the storm dumped two feet of snow. nothing we can't handle, right? we did that three time last year? >> we did, didn't we? it is a distant memory and i would like it to stay that way. >> certainly. very impressive stuff. >> things are getting a little bit better out there today. >> the winds that were blowing at about 50 to 55 miles per hour yesterday will only be about 25 or 30 today. so, it is still breezy. with highs expected to be in the upper 30s and a lot of sunshine, it should be a nice day and a nice trend here. wait until you see the five-day forecast. let's get to it.
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we'll start with the winds. as mentioned, yesterday, wind gusts, top wind gusts at reagan national, 55 miles per hour. you can see things gradually calming down now. gaithersburg got a wind gust about 21 miles per hour. leonardtown, 18. manassas, 25. 31 in winchester. still brzezinskis here out of the west and northwest gusting to about 30. as we get into the daytime hours, the wind should really start to lighten up and we'll see winds gusting to about 25. 29degrees at reagan national. lots of mid-20s off to the north and west. the wind is holding these temperatures up a little bit for us. in hagerstown, 24 degrees, annapolis, 30. the storm is now north and east of boston. you can see the last snow
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fading east of man -- of maine. we'll have a couple of really mice days around here so the weather pattern nice and quiet as we get into the next holiday weekend. the winds will shift as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow and we'll see a gradual warm-up as we get into the end of the week. lots of sunshine, breezy, 39 degrees. winds out of the west 10 to 15, gusting to about 25. we'll see a fall clouds moving through tonight. overnight lows back into the mid-20s. here is your five-day forecast. sunshine tomorrow, 41. sunshine, thursday, 45 and can -- you can see by friday, daytime highs in the mid-50s. we'll start off 2011 on a nice mild note. now, let's get to some on-time traffic with lauren demarco. >> that is some good news. we have good news on the roads right now. very light volume. not much of a problem out there. if you are traveling the beltway, let's take a live look
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at the american legion bridge. if you are on the outer loop heading into virginia, you can see a little bit of activity there to the right. we had a a disabled vehicle, someone out there changing a tire. with the light volume, it is not causing any delays. good news if you are headed into virginia on the beltway. no problems crossing the woodrow wilson bridge. we did have some construction on the ramp from the inner loop to eisenhower avenue. that will be wrapping up 59:00 a.m. no problems heading through woodbridge up to springfield. 395 also running well as you leave the beltway heading past edsall road to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a health alert this morning. the discovery of insulin was one of the biggest medical
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breakthroughs of the 20th century saving countless lives. when i first thought a book about insulin, how dry can that be. this is one of those books that i could see being made into a movie. >> from your mouth to god's ears. >> this is a story about drama and conflict and passion and jealousy and miracles. >> absolutely. the story of insulin is one of the great discoveries of the 20th century. we've written this book as a medical thriller. it is a story of hope, inspiration, perseverance and truly miracles. before the discovery of insulin in 1921, a type 1 diabetic from the moment of diagnosis to the moment of death was 11 months. our book, this medical thriller, is gamed around one of the first recipients of insulin, a little girl named elizabeth hughes who at the age of 11 was diagnosed with diabetes, with juvenile diabetes. she had 11 months to live and
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her parents, who are some of most famous figures in american history, her father was charles evans hughes who was the only american ever to be a governor, a secretary of state and a an associate justice and a chief justice of the united states, her father and her mother, they found this very famous doctor in new york, frederick allen and he was able to keep the children alive longer than 11 months. the way did he it was quite radical. he starved the children. >> and that is what elizabeth did. she went from being about 100 pounds to dropping down to, 45, 50 pounds. >> she weighed 45 pounds. she was on the starvation diet for 39 months, almost four years on this diet because her parents made the decision of hoping for some sort of breakthrough. >> that breakthrough then actually came in canada. >> it did. the breakthrough came in canada. there were four men who
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discovered insulin. the prime person is frederick banting. he was assisted by three others and it was those four men who, in the summer of 1921 discovered i.n.s. lip p. part of the miracle of insulin is it only cost $1,400 to discover insulin at the time and it only took $250,000 to produce insulin unlike today as we all know it takes 10 or 15 years to get a drug to market with all the regulatory approvals and over a bill wrong dollars today. >> and you write in the book about how they were sperming on dogs and how dog number 92 suddenly leaped off of the table and started wagging its tail and they said wow. >> right. that was the wow that really changed the world. because of that wow, insulin was eventually purified effectively by eli lily and company which the university of
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toronto entered into a collaboration with and within two years in trot, it was available to children all over the world. it was only two years. just think about how many children and adults were able to lead a normal life because of that. elizabeth went on to lift to 73 years old. she became a mother and a grandmother and a very, very distinguished career. >> the drama of getting her to that place where she was healthy is spelled out in this book and that drama really keeps you rivetted, i have to tell you because of the jealousy between those researchers involved and the discovery insulin, eli lilly and everything that happened in indianapolis with them. >> absolutely. eli lilly recognized early on this was an extraordinary discovery and they put all of that you are resources behind it to make to happen. and during the summer of 1922,
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thousands upon thousands of pounds of pancreas glands were delivered by refrigerated truck load to eli lilly because that is the primary process and ingredient at that particular point in time. as the picture up there now on the screen shows, it takes 10,000 pounds of pancreas glands to make one pound. insulin. >> elizabeth probably -- she may never have been the recipient of this initially if it want weren't for her family's connections which has connections here to d.c. >> absolutely. her mother reached out to frederick banting, the discoverer. he originally rejected her because there was a limited supply and a month later, she was in toronto and the congestion tour is that her family connections and charles evans hughes probably reached out to someone at the university of toronto to give her a place and make her one of the first recipients. in 192 #, she was literally the
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most famous little girl in america because the entire world knew that the daughter of the secretary of state of the united states was in toronto, canada being treated with an experimental drug. and the world was watching. and her father was the most famous man in america at the time so our stories about forgotten people who really helped change history, both the discoverers, elizabeth, her father and the doctors who kept the children alive beyond their normal prognosis. >> it was a terrific book. really good reading. it is called breakthrough. it is in stores right now. the winter storm and its effect on holiday shopping. we have that story. coming up. >> reporter: snow on the east coast closes some stores. will it be enough to affect retail profits? that story coming up next. 
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retirement for baby boomers is in jeopardy. starting in january, more than 10,000 baby boomers awe day will turn # 5 and that pattern will continue for the next 19 years. a professor with the university of pennsylvania calls the situation extremely serious. he says boomers have not saved enough and are retiring too early. other issues for baby boomers, too high a mortgage debt, less social security because of early retirement and the rising cost of health care. home owners may be on the losing end of the new tax bill. if you don't itemize your detucks, you will lose a -- if you don't itemize your deduction, you will lose one tax credit for your property taxes.
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casey steigel takes a look at after-christmas sales. >> reporter: snow snow in the east crippled airline travel but it is not enough to silence the country's cash registers. a massive storm forcing closures at some target and macy's department stores. one experts says the nasty weather is nothing more than a blip on the retail weather. >> this is a blip for sure but i think it will be forgotten and made up probably within a week. >> reporter: retailers say shoppers are doing more buying and less returning this year. >> i'm hoping for deals too, better deals. >> i feel like people buy stuff that they gnt get for christmas or stuff they weren't able to get their kids for christmas. >> reporter: the national retail federation painting a rosy picture when it comes to holiday spending estimating it will jump of more than 3% this year to $451 billion. it could be the biggest holiday season ever. but others say that 2011
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economic forecast remains dicey with the nation's unemployment rate still hovering near 10%. >> we'll see the unemployment rate actually pass 10% before we see it go down in any substantial way. >> reporter: back in 2008, retailer took a big hit. last year, they began to found their footing and this year, retailers are taking a step toward real growth. consumer spending makes up roughly 70% of the total u.s. economic activity. in the west coast newsroom, casey steigel, fox news. just a warning if you got electronics, don't leave the flat screen or ipad boxes on the curb to avoid tipping off burglars to the new expensive electronics you have in your home. fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins now. we got rid of the snow and slowly we're getting rid of the


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